Taking Craft CMS for a Spin

At Activator, part of what sets us apart from other agencies, is our ability to learn quickly. And with my move to the rapid-paced city of New York, I’m learning at a rate a little quicker than most. So I decided to build an web app to document what I was learning.

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Why that image isn’t changing when you paste a link to Linkedin

Linkedin and the other social sites are holding on to (or “caching”) a version of your blog post for performance purposes. If you’re using WordPress, try changing the Featured Image. If that still doesn’t work, here’s your super simple solution…

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How We Use Asana

Asana’s hierarchical structure mirrors how we think about our agency and its’ work, so it makes a lot of sense for our team and others like it. From the Organization umbrella, to Teams and on down to Projects and Tasks, I’ll outline how we use each one and a couple other of Asana’s features we use and how they integrate into our workflow.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Customers Hooked

Offer specific series or other products as “drip” campaigns. This is a model used by companies like NutriSystem and Loot Crate. It’s a “set it and forget” approach, where customers that sign up are then fed a predetermined set of emails, all aimed at building that relationship and eventually turning them loyal customers.

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Why We Dropped Trello for Asana

So we thought Trello might do the trick. It was made for a more agile workflow, allowed us to keep projects and tasks updated and clearly marked their progress. It seemed like this really useful, trendy thing that larger product companies were using and knew it’d be perfect for us too. There were however, after a few months, some shortcomings we just couldn’t continue to overlook…

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