What Is Content Marketing and Why It’s Vital To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Without content, how does your potential customer know who you are? Consider the buying cycle: Awareness – Your potential customer has a need. They are unaware of the best solution. However, they are seeking one. Research – They know there are solutions and research to find the right solution for their needs. Consideration – Customers […]

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One of the Easiest Ways to Improve SaaS Onboarding

Learning Better SaaS Onboarding from a Children’s Playset I remember building a kid’s play kitchen several years back, working tirelessly through their mediocre instructions for 4 hours and hundreds of screws sunk in to mislabeled pieces.  The first section of the instructions took me through 45 minutes of building a support system for the kitchen […]

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How To Create a Seamless Looping HTML5 Background Video – Tutorial

To create an HTML5 background video that loops in the background of webpage is pretty easy, however, there are a great amount of variables to think about. Some things to think about are: The file size of the video, what to export so it plays in all browsers, mobile options, etc… We usually utilize After Effects to chop the […]

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Why is my website no longer on the first page of Google?

So, why did your website lose Google search rankings for a keyword? It’s an easy enough question that can open a giant can of research depending on the scenario. To get to the bottom of it, we go through a simple 4 step process of deduction – starting with the easiest and most obvious reasoning […]

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Taking Craft CMS for a Spin

Craft CMS logo

At Activator, part of what sets us apart from other agencies, is our ability to learn quickly. And with my move to the rapid-paced city of New York, I’m learning at a rate a little quicker than most. So I decided to build an web app to document what I was learning. It’s made up of […]

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Why that image isn’t changing when you paste a link to Linkedin

Linkedin and the other social sites are holding on to (or “caching”) a version of your blog post for performance purposes. If you’re using WordPress, try changing the Featured Image. If that still doesn’t work, here’s your super simple solution: 1. Copy the URL to your blog post 2. Add “?1” (without the quotes) to […]

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