Why Your Business Should Start with Google Ads

You’re ready to embark on your marketing journey–but where do you start? Many marketing professionals turn first to Facebook Ads or to another social media marketing campaign. Social media ads are often less expensive, and they’ll allow you to reach a wide range of individuals. Not only that, social media ads allow greater potential for […]

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What Is Content Marketing and Why It’s Vital To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Without content, how does your potential customer know who you are? Consider the buying cycle: Awareness – Your potential customer has a need. They are unaware of the best solution. However, they are seeking one. Research – They know there are solutions and research to find the right solution for their needs. Consideration – Customers […]

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One of the Easiest Ways to Improve SaaS Onboarding

Learning Better SaaS Onboarding from a Children’s Playset I remember building a kid’s play kitchen several years back, working tirelessly through their mediocre instructions for 4 hours and hundreds of screws sunk in to mislabeled pieces.  The first section of the instructions took me through 45 minutes of building a support system for the kitchen […]

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How To Create a Seamless Looping HTML5 Background Video – Tutorial

To create an HTML5 background video that loops in the background of webpage is pretty easy, however, there are a great amount of variables to think about. Some things to think about are: The file size of the video, what to export so it plays in all browsers, mobile options, etc… We usually utilize After Effects to chop the […]

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Why is my website no longer on the first page of Google?

So, why did your website lose Google search rankings for a keyword? It’s an easy enough question that can open a giant can of research depending on the scenario. To get to the bottom of it, we go through a simple 4 step process of deduction – starting with the easiest and most obvious reasoning […]

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Taking Craft CMS for a Spin

Craft CMS logo

At Activator, part of what sets us apart from other agencies, is our ability to learn quickly. And with my move to the rapid-paced city of New York, I’m learning at a rate a little quicker than most. So I decided to build an web app to document what I was learning. It’s made up of […]

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