We're Activator Studios

A digital agency of creatives focused on process and collaboration.

We specialize in content strategy, design, development and marketing/ad services for companies of all sizes.

Our Team

Adam Hoppe | Content Strategist

Reno, NV

Ask why. Expect more. Don’t settle
Adam goes “all in” into every project he approaches. He believes building architectures based on research and data are vital to the success of every project. Sound information architecture is the platform for results-driven content and digital marketing strategies.

Clients appreciate Adam’s transparent and honest demeanor allowing for pleasant and productive collaboration. He quickly integrates into client teams optimizing communication and ongoing partnerships.

He also likes bourbon.

Stephanie Manta | Designer & Developer

Colorado Springs, CO

Creating visually stunning assets strengthening brands and user experiences
Stephanie is our front-end design and development ninja. Carrying an extensive background in graphic design, Steph creates unique and engaging visual communications focused on user experience. Steph has become Activator Studio’s “visual problem-solver” through her innate attention to detail and her thirst to grow the field of design.

James Jackson | Developer & Designer

Brooklyn, NY

Implementing designs into functional, detail-orientated digital products
James implements the technology strategies that make content and design function within digital projects. He transforms concepts into realities. While specializing in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, James still strives to learn new technologies to advance his already impressive developer skill set. James is a capable, goal-oriented, deadline smashing asset to Activator Studios.

— Larry M., BOLD VAN
Activator Studios became an integral part of our company from day one. They quickly and comprehensively grasped our product--and a challenging one: electronic data interchange--and helped galvanize our brand. Activator comes to the table with solutions that we know have been vetted and thought through by multiple team members.
What we like most about having Activator as part of our team is that when we reach out, they are there. Every time.

Our Values

  • Move the needle, every day.
  • Be fearless and work hard.
  • Set clients apart from their competition.
  • Mind the details, without getting lost in them.
  • Work at the intersection of the client and consumer.

We also do really dope work

Catalyst Game Labs

  • UX Design
  • E-commerce setup
  • Front-end Development
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