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What it is
Design focuses your ideas and products on the behaviors of your users. How your users interact with your products is at the forefront of design strategies at Activator Studios.
How it helps you
Our design process is collaborative. Designers not only partner with Marketing and Content Strategy, but they will work with you to create and implement a design strategy that is driven by results. Your customers will enjoy a pure, transparent digital experience that articulates your brand.

Logo Design The internet has never been a more visual space. We love that. Our creative team designs logos and intuitive iconography that emotionally connects users with brands. Graphic design that visually merges your ideas with user expectations is our focus. Related Work: NEXUS VAN

User Research A large part of our design process is getting to know your users as well as we know ourselves. This helps to inform the design decisions we ultimately make so that your brand can shine among your competition. Your users drive your business and we will cater to them.

Brand Strategy Whether your business's brand is non-existent or well-established, our experienced designers will bring their expertise to your brand so it better speaks to who you are, what you're about and how you can help potential customers.

Website/App Design Beautiful, functional design is the cornerstone of our business. It doesn't matter what kind of screen or browser your customers are using, we design for every instance.

Custom Email Design Our email designs are timely and custom to your brand. Every email is optimized for the audience you're trying to reach. We study the conversion rates and challenge ourselves to improve with each email.

UX The user is the heart of digital design strategies at Activator Studios. UX is how a user engages and interacts with your brand. UX design is a collaboration of research, content strategy, analytics, and iteration. Users’ expectations and intentions fuel design solutions that drive conversions.