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What it is
Dialing in your paid and organic marketing strategies brings users to your site. Optimizing user journeys makes it affordable. We build holistic digital marketing strategies that stand up to the ever-changing algorithms of Google and other search engines.
How it helps you
A results-driven digital marketing strategy will help you boost visibility, gain authority, connect with thought leaders and increase conversions. Digital marketing focused on your users’ behaviors and intentions is a comprehensive strategy including content strategy, user experience (UX), research, social media, and design.

Advertising Advertising on the web has become more difficult to get right. The landscape is more rapid, more dynamic than ever and shows no signs of slowing or idling. But that also means you now have more opportunity to bolster your brand than ever. By mastering channels like PPC, Content Syndication and Display Advertising we help our customers establish a positive ROI and grow their business's bottom line.

Paid Acquisition Want results from your ad budget? So do we. Ad campaigns are a confluence of keyword and competitor research, content strategy, social media management (SMM), user experience, responsive design, and analytics. We launch pay-per-click (PPC) and social media campaigns to meet planned goals and key metrics. We then continuously analyze data and generate reports looking for opportunities to optimize campaigns.

Analytics and Measurement Data is essential in successful digital marketing. Active Insights analyzes your web site's data to reinforce marketing strategies and to present opportunities to improve user engagement. Analyzing and measuring how users interact with your site identifies the personas needed for effective digital marketing campaigns. Activator Studios generates user-friendly monthly analytics reports measuring user data and quantifying your digital marketing campaign performance. We tweak and optimize client campaigns based on data and research.

Content Marketing Activators Studios is a content-first design studio. Goal-oriented content strategy creates cohesive digital marketing across different media channels while strengthening your brand identity. Content is the foundation of digital marketing. Inbound marketing depends on it. SEO and SMM are driven by it. Knowing what to say--and when and where to say it--captures the attention of your targeted audience.

Social Media Management (SMM) We have three principles in developing and growing social media connections: promote, interact, and share. Humanizing your relationships on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter organically creates meaningful relationships with your audience. A successful SMM strategy will not only reach your target audience but will relate to them and gain the attention of innovators and thought leaders in your industry.