3 Ways to Keep Your Customers Hooked

Written by James Jackson while listening to instrumental funk at some point on December 12th.

People like to feel special, like they matter just a little more than the next person. They like to feel like they’re getting in on something others don’t have access to. And leveraging that innate feeling we all have is key to turning one-time customers into loyal, repeat customers. Utilizing one or, ideally, a combination of three strategies; Drip Campaigns, Exclusive Member Content and Product bundles will help you as an e-commerce retailer to retain and bring on new customers.


Drip Campaigns

Offer specific series or other products as “drip” campaigns. This is a model used by companies like NutriSystem and Loot Crate. It’s a “set it and forget” approach, where customers that sign up are then fed a predetermined set of emails, all aimed at building that relationship and eventually turning them loyal customers. And those who are subscribed are more likely to buy other (unrelated) product more often because they’re thinking about your brand and your products with every update they receive. Drip campaigns have a few other specific advantages:

  • Customers know they’re going to get specific products released to them over time, or they’ll be getting new not-yet-announced products on a schedule. Fire-and-forget, and good for gift-giving (gift giving is a feature we would like to work on)
  • Customers get email notifications both, when new products arrive in their account for download, and reminders that they have new products to download, which is a great way to build and maintain customer engagement and keep them inside your “world” of products
  • Once they’ve received all the items, they’ll keep them permanently in their download options as with other titles, which creates a “gotta catch-em all” mentality with releases, especially if there’s an exclusive offering in the subscription series that isn’t available elsewhere


Members Only

Another way to keep customers locked into your brand is by following a subscription model similar to the large streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Spotify, that grants members of your platform access to your most premium content. This is probably the most economical way to grant access, offered as an online area where all the content, depending on what it is, is optimized for viewing on the web. This way, if customers want to maintain access to ALL their content, they’ll subscribe.  

Product Bundling

Bundling your products together is a proven way of giving new life to old products and introducing customer to newer products. Releasing older products or products whose sales have become stale, inside these bundles will help to breathe new life into them. Periodically discounting these bundles while offering the individual products at a higher price is a great way to generate buzz and discourage buying single products. By creating bundles your customers start to develop a collector’s mentality, checking what they have, what they’re missing and which bundles are a good deal for them. Holding their attention and making them aware of products they don’t have but might want, all in one swoop with one incentive. If you want to create even more of an incentive, offer bundled products at a higher list price. By doing this, you’re pushing them toward the members-only subscription area, giving them a pricing point of reference, making the other avenues (drip campaign and product bundles) look like better deals. Gaining new customers is only a small part of a successful e-commerce business. Utilizing all three of these strategies in tandem will keep them engaged in the brand and converting them into loyal, repeat customers is imperative to fighting off stagnancy and sustaining growth.